The Wabash Donut Shoppe was purchased in 1988 by the Phat family and is currently owned and operated by them. The business began solely as a retail operation, but wholesale distribution was added in 2000.  The Phat family greatly appreciates Wabash and its surrounding communities for helping the Donut Shoppe become such a great success! They have also enjoyed giving back by donating to numerous charitable events such as  Big Brothers Big Sisters and F.I.S.H.

The Wabash Donut Shoppe has worked hard to make the highest quality and most delicious donuts. Starting with the freshest ingredients, each donut is hand-made and triple checked for perfection before making its way into the homes of their loyal customers. The donuts are always fresh, moist and larger than most, if not all of Wabash Donut Shoppe’s competitors. The signature sweet yellow glaze really sets them apart and the apple fritter is made with real, fresh apple slices instead of imitation apple flavoring used by others.  You will have to taste one for yourself!  Taste it ... Love it, the difference is fresh!